Therapist for my Son

I am seeking to help my son, who is 21 years old and is receptive to having therapy.  He is showing signs of anxiety and depression.  Unfortunately, his recent actions are causing him to lose his friends as he has made some poor choices in his actions.  He doesn't seem to understand that what he puts in a text can have serious ramifications. My husband and I want to do everything we can to help him.  We prefer the Walnut Creek location, but we are open to other areas, too.  Thank you!

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Richard Platt "teen solutions" is really amazing with young men.boys---has in a very short time had a true impact on both of my sons---he knows how to connect with boys/men-- and also to challenge them with compassion and empathy--he's great at getting on their level--but also pushing them. He also uses a brain tool called brain spotting which can have some impact on trauma and difficult memories that get in the way. He's in mill valley which may not be convenient--but I highly reccommmend him!