Therapist to help 13 year old with vomit phobia

My almost 13 year old has had a life long severe phobia of vomit and vomiting but now that she is menstruating and feeling nauseated once a month it’s become debilitating.  She paces, has near panic attacks and won’t eat sometimes for several days because she’s terrified of vomiting.  Does anyone know of a clinician or anything that would help with such a thing?  She’s seeing a therapist at Kaiser but it’s not consistent enough so I am looking for help outside Kaiser.  Thank you.

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Hi. Does Kaiser still have a cognitive therapy group for teens? If not, you might try the Bay Area Center for Cognitive Therapy on College Avenue. Phobias are their speciality. I hope your daughter finds some comfort soon! 

Did I write this post?  I don't have a solution, but I am desperately looking for one too. My now 14-yr-old has this issue and I have contacted about 12 therapists recommended by a friend, and even some by other therapists, and they all have no availability. I know many people need help these days, and therapists probably don't like spending countless hours on the screen, but I am at a loss at how to find someone with availability and the right experience. Good luck with your search! I hope our girls get the help they need!

You have my deepest sympathy. In trying to help my child, I found it comforting  to learn that the phobia of vomiting (emesis) is the single most common phobia of all. Not that that makes it easier to resolve, but at least you know your child is not alone in this fear. For better or worse, my child fears being around OTHERS who are vomiting, which is slightly easier to control than fearing vomiting oneself--the body does what it must to expel unwanted substances, which may be why it feels so scary and out of control. EMDR was helpful in helping manage the fear.