Therapist for ASD Teen & Emotional Regulation

I am looking for someone to help my son manage himself over a broad range of situations. Im not looking for a quick fix but rather a therapist who can help him generalize problem solving skills over a myriad of experiences. Nothing ABA related, but rather a therapist who understands the neurocogntive challenges of Anxiety Disorder, ADHD and ASD combined and can help him learn to assess each individual situation and gain skills that he can apply to allow him to come through each one appropriately and safely.

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Hi, this is my field, though am responding as a parent. There are therapists out there who specialize in ASD. If do not have word-of-mouth referrals, perhaps you can do a thorough internet search (including Psychology Today or similar) and then contact a number of therapists, and talk with them directly (not just admin/staff). Follow your gut instincts, and perhaps even try out a few sessions with your top choices. When you have a high needs child, a good fit is important.

Unfortunately, I have no recommendations. However, we moved to the area from the east coast recently, have a teen boy with the exact same profile and are also in the market for a therapist.  We had recently started with someone new in Maryland who was very good and we really need a replacement. Let me know if you’d like to compare notes sometime or just connect. Heather 


I too have a teen boy in this category. I was recently given the name of Kent Grelling with a glowing recommendation. We haven't pursued it yet but he might be someone to check out to see if he would be a fit for your family.