Therapist for Agoraphobia

A family member needs to find a therapist who will treat (specifically) agoraphobia. They are able to function fine outside their home (work, bay area travel, etc) but are overwhelmed with anxiety when they get outside of their Bay Area safety bubble. This has severely impacted their ability to travel, which they hope to resolve with the proper help. Any suggestions for practitioners or modalities welcome!

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RE: Therapist for Agoraphobia ()

Please search for TERRAP, a program in San Francisco I participated in many years ago. I'm not sure if they still exist. I had Social Anxiety, and they practiced Desensitization Therapy in a group environment. It was very helpful and although I suffered with Panic attacks for 10 years, I no longer  experience any debilitating anxiety at all, for more than 35 years. Good luck, there is life on the other side.