Theater at Berkeley High?


My daughter will be starting BHS this Fall and I can't seem to find anything about theater on their website. I'd love to hear anything you know about:

#1. How are the regular (elective) drama classes?

#2. What is the extracurricular theater program like?  What kinds of shows do they do, how difficult is it to get into a show as a 9th grader, how intensive is the rehearsal schedule, what's the culture of the community of kids who are involved...etc?

#3. Anything else I haven't thought to ask.  : )

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Unless he's quit since last spring, Jordan Winer is BHS's drama teacher--also a local actor, writer and Berkeley Rep advisor--and I recommend him highly. He treated our rather volatile daughter with care, respect and understanding, and taught her a lot about acting technique; her performance as Persephone (in a student-written take on the Orpheus and Eurydice myth) was so well timed I forgot to be nervous for her. Jordan helps students achieve an ensemble rhythm, and that's rare in such young actors.