Termite Control Services?

Does anyone have any recent experience with a termite control company? We just noticed signs of activity (hanging tubes) and need to get someone out here fast. Any recent recommendations appreciated. Also, if you have thoughts about what to ask to help figure out the recommended course of action we are open to suggestions. 

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I recently found termite activity in our front entryway and called a few companies to look at the situation based on yelp reviews. The first company told us it was a complicated job and gave us an estimate of $2000, which didn't include work we'd have to have done to repair some of the damage they would do (like tearing up floorboards) and the hassle of moving all of our storage items out of our crawl space. 

The second company said they were too busy to come out and asked me to send them the estimate from the first company. They said they would just base their bid on that (I didn't do this).

Then the third company, Hi-Tech Termite, came out. The amazingly nice estimator said we didn't have enough work to warrant paying their minimum and showed me in detail how to do the work myself (for $40), with no damage to my house. It was one of the most refreshing experiences I've had with a potential contractor in a long time. And, so far, so good. Termites gone!

I highly recommend them (at least as far as an honest bid is concerned)!!