Temporary school placement for K and 3rd grader?


My family will be spending Winter 2017 in Berkeley as I have a visiting professor position at UC Berkeley from Jan to April.  I am looking into school options for my Kindergartner and 3rd grader.  Does anyone know of private schools that might offer temporary placements?  Or tutoring/enrichment programs that might offer daytime instruction?  

Thanks for any suggestions or advice!

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Do you know which city you will be living in? It is very easy to enroll your children in the local school district once you have a rental agreement in hand. You'll need to visit the school district in person. Usually your children can begin attending school right away. Schools in the East Bay around UC Berkeley are very accustomed to having children in the class from other areas and other countries. I really recommend you try out your local public schools since you will be here for only a short time. There is a good page about this on the BPN website:   Moving to the Bay Area with School-Aged Kids 

You should check out Walden Center and School near Cal: http://www.walden-school.net/

My kids are in 6th and 2nd grades there and we love this school. In the past Walden has offered placements to children of visiting faculty members.

Speak with Admissions coordinator Vicki Edge: 510-841-7248 ext 1

Good luck!

A happy Walden mom

As it happens there is a child in my son's class who is leaving mid year so it would leave a spot open in winter. You would have to ask about kindergarten. We are at The Berkeley School which is not far from campus. We have been very happy there and the kids are generally very kind to new kids who come in. Take a look