Guidance for Leasing a Single Family Home in Berkeley?


Wondering if anyone has a template for a landlord leasing a single family home in Berkeley that you would be open to sharing? 

Thank you!


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The voters of Berkeley passed the Rent Stabilization Act in the late nineteen-seventies, and although rental price controls do not apply to single family homes generally, the eviction for good cause provision does apply, even to single family homes. Please do not use a template or canned form for this serious undertaking. When you rent out property you are essentially giving the tenant a loan of the fair market value of your home. Please consult a landlord/owners attorney who is familiar with Berkeley Property, or talk to Michael St. John, a consultant for landloards/property owners. The website for the Berkeley Property owners Association may be useful. I am an attorney and a property owner. Trust me.

Join AOA or another rental-focused group.  I believe the membership fee is around $80/year.  Monthly magazine, legal advice, a credit-checking tool, and all the forms you need for CA rentals.  That way you get current, legally vetted forms that are custom-made for each city's rent control laws, instead of possibly questionable hand-me-downs, or generic CA rental forms.  And the membership fee is an allowable expense.