In-person driving class for 18 year old

I want my 18 yo to get their  license for many reason but the big one is just in case a job opportunity/posting  comes along and they ask for one. They may never use it for work or maybe once and a while, but the idea is that they can at least be considered for the position. I took drivers education in high school but today most schools don’t offer it.  Looking  for a school that will help with rules of the road and driving. No on-line class . Extremely patient with those who need extra hand holding. Suggestions and recommendations welcomed. 
Mom seeking patient drivers ed instructor 

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You will probably get a lot of recommendations for Berkeley Driving School; both of my daughters really liked Donald, and Louie was also helpful. By the way, although as an 18-year old your kid isn't required to do the preliminary first step of an on-line course, the abbreviated version for adults can provide useful basic information to prepare them for the written test.