Teen Therapist in Walnut Creek/Lamorinda for IBS issues

My teenage, almost young adult, daughter recently shared with me some anxiety and stress issues she's been having that manifests in GI issues.  We'll go see her doctor to investigate any potential IBS or other intestinal diseases that might be exacerbated by stress, but she'd also like to see a therapist to talk about the stress and anxiety she's been having.  Would love recommendations for therapists in Walnut Creek or Lamorinda area that have experience working with older teens. Thanks so much!

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Hi I’m a mom and I have suffered from IBS and though I have no therapist recommendation I do like this hypnotherapy app called Nerva which is really helpful on a daily level. I am not suggesting this in place of a good therapist but rather just something to do daily in conjunction with other help for your daughter. Warmly, Maureen 


We just had 2 very successful tele visits with Dr F. Raph Berberich. He specializes in hypnotherapy for kids. My 12-year-old son with IBS felt better immediately after his first hypno session and did not have pain for 2 days. I think Dr Berberich is very observant and I like that he makes sure the kid feels in charge and "owning" the process. He takes insurance and seems to have plenty of open spots (a miracle, I know!!) Good luck!  https://www.sutterhealth.org/find-doctor/dr-fralph-berberich?utm_source=...

One of our daughters had a severe IBS issue, tell your daughter she is nor alone.  With our daughter it wasn’t stress but diet.  Within two weeks of taking a spoonful of dietary fiber she was completely cured of her intestinal discomfort/IBS symptoms.  I kid you not this was a life changer for her.  Have your daughter give it a try for month and see if it improves her life.

Let’s hope it’s something as simple as fiber in her diet that will improve her life.