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ISO Psychiatrist for teen.  (I have search the files, but they were outdated and very few).  For 13yo daughter with ADHD and anxiety, and beginning to see possible psychotic symptoms.  She has a great therapist.  I am not looking for advise, support or education on the subject, as much as I am looking for recommendations for a psychiatrist for med eval and possible med management.  (we do not have Kaiser, and am willing to pay out of pocket).  Thank you!

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My kid sees Brad Engwall in Berkeley and he is wonderful, makes space to see our kid alone and us to consult. He lays out all the pros and cons for any course of medication and invites us to decide while still letting us know what his recommendation is so he doesn't leave us feeling like we have to be the experts.  My kid's situation is very complicated and Brad has been diligent and responsive to the evolving situation.

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My heart goes out to you. A couple of resources based on my experience with my own daughter who had a psychotic break at 19.

UCSF has a program called PATH for young people experiencing psychosis. My daughter saw Dr. Demian Rose as well as a therapist, Chris Perry, and participated in group sessions (before Covid) with other young people in the same situation. I think it is a really good program -- they use medication, but as part of a much more comprehensive perspective on psychosis that emphasizes learning to be able to interrogate your own ideas and perceptions (they use a CBT model for this) as well as making connection with others in the group format. PATH was very important for us because my daughter refuses all medication.

We also have experience with Herrick Hospital (Berkeley), which has a partial hospitalization program. They also employ group therapy and art therapy in addition to medical management. I thought the social workers and psychiatrists on staff were caring and helpful. Unfortunately my daughter was kicked out of the program for refusing to take medication. We worked with Dr Jonathan Manoat there -- liked him very much.

Psychosis is scary and it's important to have a psychiatrist who understands how it can be the result of many different dynamics. Good luck.

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Greetings, I’ve been in your shoes and struggled finding a good psychiatrist for my daughter. It took having her be seen by three psychiatrists before we found a good fit that helped my daughter with appropriate medications. She’s currently working with Dr. Fuller from Pacific Coast Psychiatry Associates 
https://www.pcpasf.com/ they have an office in Lafayette.

My daughter was initially seen by Dr. Amber Lerma from PCPA who was excellent but left and works at her private practice. Dr. Lerma  selected Dr. Fuller to work with my daughter and my daughter’s doing great (she’s 21 now—it’s been a long road). 
Best to you and you daughter as you manage the challenge of finding the best care for your child. 

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UCSF Langley Porter Hospital/Clinics in San Francisco may be able to see her or point you in a good direction.  Here is a link to their web page. https://psych.ucsf.edu/lpphc