Teen daughter cutting herself, need outside support recommendations


My teenage daughter has been cutting herself due to stress. I am looking for recommendations of therapists and/or counselors that can help our family. We are not interested in a small group setting, and would like a therapist/counselor who can provide guidance/support/techniques apart from also listening. I had a poor experience w/ a psychologist when I was younger who just listened and really didn't help me solve my problems. 

Does anyone have any recommendations? 



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We've had a great experience with something similar with Laura Soble in Oakland.  She seems very interactive.  Best of luck.

I am sorry you and your daughter are going through this. We feel very blessed to have found Dr. Zurita Ona. She utilizes a very specific approach for emotional management and engages our teen in both creating and following through on the treatment plan. You can learn more about Dr. "Z" at http://eastbaybehaviortherapycenter.com/. Wishing you and your family a measure of comfort and peace while you navigate this. 

I'm sorry. It's a dark time when our kids engage in self harm. 

Please email me:  jr [at] eps.berkeley.edu

how old is your daughter?

are there other symptoms:  anxiety, depression?