Technology-free middle- and high- schools (in Oakland)?

My 7th grader is struggling with all the web-based work and assignment structure in his school. Are there any middle- and/or high schools that eschew this approach? The chromebook is not only full of distractions, but also pretty heavy to lug around. Mostly, it sucks up his time as he navigates around and gets distracted, runs into glitches, forgets to turn things in, etc. Major bummer.

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It sounds like you are objecting that kids at your son's school are using computers to get organized and for research? Did you know that this is how work is done nowadays, not only at high schools but at the college level and beyond, for professional work?   Learning this skill as a teenager has value, and kids who don't have access to computers are at a disadvantage. We are lucky computers are now so affordable - you can buy a chrome book for under $200. I'm sorry that your child is getting distracted by this tool, but distraction is not a new problem. Pencils can be distracting too. As for the weight: my child's physics textbook is twice as heavy as his chrome book. Why does he need to lug around all that paper when he could access it online?