Teaching credential from another state (NY) - 2020 update?


Archives show some similar questions but they are 15 years old. 

In short: how do my husband and I get our NYC teaching licenses transferred over to CA? 

Background: We both NYC certified teachers, w/ M.Ed. degrees. My husband was certified 6-12, but only taught High School full time (middle school just for fieldwork during the masters program). I was certified in Early Childhood Education, ages 0-7, and taught preschool full time. I spent some time on CA.gov but became really overwhelmed and confused.  I think maybe the certification ages are different in CA? Would I need to get Elementary certification, which isn't what I had in NYC? I don't want just the Early Childhood Permit as then I can't teach in public schools. If anyone can offer any guidance we would greatly appreciate it! 

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Credentials often don't exactly match from state to state. I think you'll probably go for the multiple subjects credential and your husband the single subjects credential in whatever area he teaches. Go here for transferring an out of state credential: https://www.ctc.ca.gov/credentials/out-of-state-ged  If you're still not sure, contact the Commission on Teacher Credentialing directly at credentials [at] ctc.ca.gov for the most accurate answer. I had a special ed credential from out of state, so my process wasn't exactly the same, but getting the initial credential was pretty simple, but there were classes I had to take/tests to pass that were CA specific before I could renew it.

I can only speak to middle/high school certification, but I transferred my NYC teaching certification to CA a year or so ago and the process was relatively straightforward, provided you have all the paperwork. If you don't, they contact you and you have a certain amount of time to correct your application. I had a secondary, single-subject credential in NYC and that was what transferred over and probably what your husband has. It can seem overwhelming, but the two states have reciprocity and so it was pretty seamless. You do need a lot of documentation from New York--formal observations, etc., but I called the NYC DOE (intimidating all by itself) and they had my file, which was helpful, and sent some information. Once you open an account with the Cal site you can log in at any time and get a status update with your account. It can take a while for your application to process, however they announce the application dates they are currently processing, so that's nice. I do not have permanent certification in California--I have to get additional certification in teaching English as a second language--but I have my preliminary certification, which is a start. I believe it is good for five years. 

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I moved from NY to CA in 2007 and transferred my MSEd dual certification (Infancy-6th grade) by going through the CTC. I was able to get my preliminary multiple-subject teaching credential (good for 5 years) after taking the CBEST. I also got my Child Care Director permit at the same time. It's possible that things have changed since then, but maybe not! More information here: https://www.ctc.ca.gov/credentials/out-of-state-element

Expect it to take a long time! (Note: Schools *may* accept you as a substitute if you're able to show that you've submitted your application to the CTC and demonstrate that you've passed the CBEST.) Best of luck!

P.S. I'm not sure about the high school route...