Tax professional / CPA recs (knowledgeable about SALT workaround)

Hi all,

Looking for CPA recommendations to manage personal taxes. Our situation is medium complicated (i.e.: w2 income, forthcoming income from a pass-through entity, house, retirement, and investment portfolio). We're especially eager to find someone who can advise on working around the SALT cap via pass-through entities. Anyone come to mind?

Thanks so much!

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Hands down Nini Yang! (408) 464-7563 she has been doing my taxes for several years now! 

Nini Yang 408-464-7563. Great with taxes and understands my pass through. Highly recommend! 

I am a Master Tax Advisor and an attorney with 30+ experience in Federal and CA taxes. Of course the Trump Tax changes hit us in the high property value states very hard. I have not seen a SALT workaround, and in fact have worked two audits for a Excess Mortgage Interest deduction. Doesn't mean that there isn't one, just not that I know of.