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I saw the older posts, but am writing to see if there are new recommendations for a company or person to make a t-shirt quilt from some of our daughter’s t-shirts. Has anyone done this recently?  Where did you have it done, how did it turn out, and what was the cost?  I assume we will want a twin size, or possibly full. Anything you’d do differently after having it done?  We looked at one local company, but at $1000. it would be out of our price range, so we’re hoping to get other suggestions, either local, or one of the online companies. Thanks so much.  

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We used melissa quilter ( her real last name) and were thrilled with the results. I think it cost around $500 but it was worth every penny. Melissaquilts [at] gmail.com

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Hey there! If you are willing to mail them, I had one made in Connecticut and shipped back that is AWESOME. 

Not sure if she is still taking orders, but check out and message her directly at: BayBreezeCottage (Etsy) 

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Etsy! Looks like you can get a custom t-shirt quilt for under $200 easily!

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I recently made a twin size quilt from my daughter’s saved shirts. She spent about $80-100 on batting, stabiizer for knit T-shirt fabric and backing fabric. It took many hours of planning, prepping the T-shirt knit with stabilizer and cutting, sewing and quilting. 

I hope you can find someone to make one for you. Just so you realize the time involved is extensive.