Switching foster-to-adopt agencies

My husband and I have been approved (homestudy complete, etc.) in the foster-to-adopt track by a foster-to-adopt nonprofit agency for about eight months. The whole process has taken close to two years. Since we started with this agency, it's made numerous changes in approach, and many staff members have left. We're feeling like the reasons we chose this agency over others are disappearing. And the many staff changes are making us concerned that county social workers will bypass our agency and choose to place children through other agencies where the social workers have a strong relationship.

We're wondering if it's possible to change to a different agency, and what this process might entail. If you've gone through such an experience, or work within an agency or for a county and have some idea how this might work, we'd love to hear from you.

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Definitely ask the agency that you are considering. We switched from an FFA to working directly with the county. We had to take the PRIDE training again (it has recently changed with the county, I am not sure about agencies). We were lucky in that our agency was generous enough to allow the county to use our homestudy, so we only had to do an update. But, generally, the homestudies are considered proprietary. 

I adopted my daughter 15 years ago straight through Contra Costa County social service. I know other people who have used private adoption agency but I don't understand why. By going through the county you bypass the middle man. Also, I was placed with my daughter within 6 months. Good luck on your search!