Swimming Pools in Covid Times?

Hi all - 

Does anyone know of any swimming pools (ideally outdoors, heated) that are open this winter for lap swimming or children's swimming lessons, despite covid? I am pregnant and can't do any form of exercise really other than swimming. I would be willing to pay $ to join a private club or gym if that's the only way to get access to a pool, since I assume pools are making people comply with covid-safe protocols like reserving lap lanes in advance and having low capacity. I have heard that the Bay Club in Walnut Creek has pools and is open, but are there any other places out there that have swimming going on right now that anyone can suggest? 

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Indoor pools have been closed in most of the Bay Area since March, and I wouldn't anticipate them opening anytime soon the way COVID is going. Hotels/motels "may" be the only exception. If you talk to a gym and they tell you their pool is open, they are most likely in violation of the health order. Sorry - I miss swimming too!

Sorry, reading more, I thought you were asking about indoor pools. Outdoor pools currently can open with reservations for lap swim and there are some doing it, such as Albany USD and City of El Cerrito. I suspect the future shelter in place orders will close all pools though. I don't believe children's lessons are taking place as there are bans on youth sports (maybe?? the rules are changing so quickly)

Hi, the El Cerrito Swim Center's outdoor lap pool is open for adult lap swim. Reservations are required (all online) and there are a host of health and safety procedures and rules in place. I've been going for months and its been amazing to have it. The only reservation system is a bit tricky to master but once you get it, its not bad.   Lakeridge Athletic Club in El Sobrante also has an amazing outdoor pool that you can become a member of. 

This summer, my daughter was taking lessons at Lakeridge Athletic Club on San Pablo Dam Rd, Richmond.  It's a lovely, outdoor pool with a terrific view.  They have very few amenities due to Covid (showers are closed).  For lessons, you pay a very reasonable fee for 4 lessons.  They have memberships too and have dedicated days and times to sign up for the lanes.  Again, fees are reasonable and the initiation fee was something like $200.  They are small so you will likely have to call to get the latest info.

The Hills Swim and Tennis Club currently allows outdoor lap swimming with a reservation system for 30 min. blocks. They are technically governed by Contra Costa County even though they have an Oakland address (I don't think Alameda County has any outdoor pools open but not positive). Since you have to buy a membership from an existing member and then pay the monthly membership fee, this is not the most realistic option unless you are willing to spare no cost to be able to swim! That said, we love being members there, and their swimming and other outdoor exercise options have been key to maintaining our sanity during the pandemic.

Berkeley, Albany, and El Cerrito public pools are open for lap swim. Berkeley and El Cerrito also are open for family swim. But it is hard to get spots--likely impossible if you are not a resident of each respective city. We are Berkeley residents and have had good luck getting family swim spots, but you have to register literally the minute registration opens each week. I am not aware of any swim lessons, but we are teaching our younger child ourselves during family swim. Good luck!

Aquatech in Alamda is open. we have been going there for swim lessons. I believe they have some open hours swim (albeit at inconvenient times, like during school hours or late on the weekends). but we love it for class and they have very strict protocols.  Good luck!

Try Lakeridge Club in El Sobrante. They have a large outdoor heated pool and until the recent orders were doing adult swim and private lessons by reservation. It's a beautiful facility!

Claremont Country Club pool is open.

Both El Cerrito and Albany outdoor pools are open. If you live a resident, you get priority, but then a day later registration is open to anyone. They are remaining open during the new stay at home order. Also Clarke Memorial in Walnut Creek. I don't know what I'd do without swimming! It's very Covid safe.

I know the Oakland's Dimond Park pool has been open; my son loves exploring Sausal Creek. I'm pretty sure you need a reservation, don't know if it's heated; beautiful setting though - such an amazing park!

The shelter in place order has not closed outdoor pools. Harbor Bay Club in Alameda is still open for lap swim with reservations. They're pricey but their pool is at the estuary and is absolutely lovely. Aquatech swim school in Alameda and Concord looks to still be open for swim lessons.

Ohana Aquatics is still doing children's swim lessons, but not recreational swimming. The pool is kept very warm.