Swimming in cooler months

Looking for a place to continue to swim outside in colder months for our “learning to swim” child who would really like to have access to outdoor jacuzzi. Claremont’s initial fee is too much for us. Highlands is not accepting new members. Oakland Hills has concerning reviews. Hills is highly inconveniently located and I think the jacuzzi is for adults only? And also expensive and hard to get in. Sequoia doesn’t seem to have a jacuzzi. By process of elimination, Harbor Bay is the only one that meets the criteria of “not too far from home near Temescal, heated outdoor pool, outdoor jacuzzi, and not astronomical in price”. I am not aware of any other pool that is heated to about 80 degrees, open in cooler months, and have an outdoor jacuzzi. One pool that I have never been to but curious about is Mills college pool. Our pool usage would be on the weekends late morning or early afternoon. Hoping to continue swimming in October and November. Am I missing any other available options nearby? Thank you!

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Check out Montclair swim club! It’s not as far or as expensive as the other options. The hot tub is technically adults only, but many times there are kids in it too. The water isn’t as warm in the winter months, but our kids still have fun when we go in the winter.


We have been going to Ohana Aquatics off Redwood road. They are open through winter and have a "bubble" that goes over the pool to help keep it warm. The pool is also heated very warm. No Jacuzzi but the pool is really warm. Friendly teachers. Low key vibe. Only suitable for lessons/classes though, no recreational swim. Need 30 day warning to cancel lessons once you begin. Good luck! 


Public Pools!!!  

The Temescal Pool by Oakland Tech and the Lions Pool in the Dimond district are inexpensive public pools, and they are both warmer than other outdoor pools.  There's also the Richmond Plunge, Richmond Swim Center, Albany Aquatic Center, Emeryville Public Pool, Hayward Plunge, and others farther away.

The Mills College pool is lovely, but they have limited hours, and I don't think they have recreational swim during the school year, just lap swim.  The hot tub is outside, but only allows people 18 years or older.


My kids learned to swim (summer) at Mills and loved it there. I'm on the mail list and it is open for lap swim but I don't think they've reopened for rec swim yet - the Northeastern transition is still looming large. Also, I don't know if they have a jacuzzi. But the woman who is running it seems very nice, you might want to reach out to her with questions - it seems closer to where you are and it's a lovely pool. Good luck!