Swim Lessons at Oakland YMCA?

hi! I am considering starting my 1.5 year old for swim lessons at the Oakland YMCA.  Goal is to get him comfortable in water before starting "real" lessons when he's older.  I've looked at Aquatech and Oakland YMCA seems to be much more reasonably priced.  Has anyone had any recent experience with their Group (not private) parent/child lessons for the 6-months - 2 year old age group?  thanks!

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Hi! We've been taking our almost 11 months old baby to the Oakland YMCA since a few months and he's loving it! We will start new classes in February. The instructors are welcoming and the classes have a good length of about 30mins. I would definitely recommend the Oakland Y!

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I had my kid at the Oakland YMCA for one class when she was a baby and it was so-so. We enjoyed the classes at the Berkeley Y much better- and the pool's warm! Where we really found a permanent place to land (although we're currently taking a break) is Ohana Swim School (used to be called Tim Oliver's Swimming). It's not cheap but it's worth a look. If it's convenient to your home/work, then it might be the best bet. And there's FREE and EASY parking, which I always appreciate. Good luck!