support for parents and siblings of kids with disabilities

Hi BPN, we just learned that our 6 week old baby has a serious congenital brain issue. Our other two kids (ages 12 and 9.5) are neurotypical so we are not new to parenting but are brand new to parenting a child with big differences from typical. I am looking to build community with other parents that have navigated this journey and also, maybe especially, to get support for my older kids, who in the short term are dealing with parents being at the hospital with baby etc, and also with so many feelings about the sister they have been so excited for following a different path, Grateful to be able to feel so many things, and want to support my kids in feeling it all in a supported way too. Appreciate any connections you all have.

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I am so sorry to hear about your child's diagnosis, how scary for all involved! Are there online or local groups for families of children with the same diagnosis your child has received? There is a good chance that those organizations have support groups, with other parents in your situation. These groups can be a tremendous resource, as you can talk with people whose families are going through (or have gone through) something very similar to what your family is experiencing. They may also be able to point you toward other groups and resources.

Through the Lookingglass nonprofit in Berkeley may be able to help. They serve families with disabilities, been around for decades. They can connect you to other families or a support group. TLG is located at the Ed Robert's Campus, adjacent to to the Ashby/ Berkeley Bart station.