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 Are there support groups for parents of teens who cut?   Not necessarily a moderated group, but that would be OK. I could really use some other parents to talk to And to hear about strategies, resources, etc.  Ihave lots of support in place for my daughter,  but I’m feeling the need to need to do some more self care for myself. Thanks. 

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I don't have any recommendations for a support group, but I did just want to throw out a little support for you since you haven't gotten any responses.  I was a serious cutter 20 years ago, until my mom found out and got me into therapy.  I still have visible scars on my arms from that time period, but I'm a very happy and successful woman in my 30's now (good career/happy marriage/two lovely kids), and cutting had no long term negative impacts on my life.  I just thought I'd share that with you in case it might give you a glimmer of hope that although your daughter is struggling right now, it doesn't mean she always will.

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Hi - I will also chime in with some positive words. My daughter is 13 and has struggled with cutting this past school year, along with some depression/anxiety, and she has gotten so much better just within this year with help from her therapist and medication. It has helped me to learn that as scary as it is, it's an ineffective coping mechanism rather than anything related to suicidal thoughts. She has learned to recognize the thought patterns and use other strategies besides cutting with a lot of success. I only live here during the summer - otherwise I'd suggest getting together or forming a group. Good luck!!!!