support group for caregivers of ill/aging parents

Hello, wondering if there are any in-person support groups for adult children -- especially those in midlife themselves -- who are caring for or managing the care of ill and aging parents. East Bay preferred. Thanks for any recommendations!

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My spouse just went through a grueling experience for their aging parent, and we were not successful in finding any support groups for them as the caregiver child. I know Kaiser has something for caregivers of people with dementia, but the person with dementia has to be a Kaiser member. Hospice of East Bay offers 1:1 grief counseling and there also may be in person groups through that (but you have to be in the hospice process). Finally, we are not spiritual so did not look into any church or religious-affiliated groups but there might be some. This is a sucky time of life.

I've heard good things about Family Caregiver Alliance.  I think they have in person and online support groups.

Being a caregiver is extremely challenging (read: it stinks).  I'm in it right now.  If you'd like to connect directly somehow, feel free (however you do that on this board).  If you are a UC Berkeley employee, you have access to an elder care specialist.