sump pump recommendations for storm water/sewer connection

I got a notice from the City of Oakland that my storm drain is connected to the city sewer system, which needs to be remediated.  As with many driveways in the flats, my driveway slopes down towards the garage/finished basement space.  There's a big drain at the bottom of the driveway, probably 3 feet below street level, which is the main source of issues.  I welcome any thoughts or advice about addressing this.  I'm assuming I need a sump pump -- does that sound right?  What should I look for in a sump pump system?  What happens if the power goes out during a storm?  Have you had any good (or bad!) experiences with companies that do this kind of work?  Will I also need to do my sewer lateral at the same time?  I'm apprehensive about the whole situation because right now our drainage is excellent, like, no issues in the big storm last October excellent, and I am not eager to mess that up.  

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I had the exact same situation and use Gentech Construction to install sump pumps and a drain to the street. They were also doing some foundation work for me at the time, but I've used them for other drainage issues since then. It was pretty straightforward work and has worked great except for a couple of power outages. I don't have a battery backup so in big storms with power outages I have had some flooding. 

I highly recommend Bay Area Drainage (BAD) for all your drainage needs. We had them install a french drain and it’s been working perfectly. 

It has been quite a few years, but we used Paul Carty Construction for a new french drain and sump pump. He was great. The system worked beautifully.