Summer speech therapy for 4 year old

My 4year old currently has speech therapy through the school district 2x/week for 30mins. Of course, when summer rolls around the sessions will be on hold since the school year would be over. I don’t want to lose the progress we’ve been making with such a long break. Does anyone have recommendations where I can get speech therapy sessions to fill in the gap? What would those sessions cost? Before starting with the school district we were getting speech through our insurance but only every other week, I’m looking for sessions 1-2 times a week, even 3 depending on cost. Thanks!

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Most of the big school districts offer speech and other special education services over the summer (with a few weeks off, but not 10). It may not be with your regular therapist or at your regular site,  but it will be free. My son was offered speech summer placement in the WCCUSD,  and the year our schedule allowed him to do a couple sessions was the year he backslid least. Talk to your coordinator about lining it up now.