Summer internship or job for Spanish niece?

My 17-year-old niece, who lives in Barcelona, will be staying with us for 4-6 weeks in summer 2019 and is seeking an internship or job while she's here. She is fluent in four languages (Spanish, English, German, and Catalan), is very bright, has excellent people skills, and is a hard worker. She's open to all sorts of things--in private sector or public. She's most interested in social studies and psychology so I was thinking maybe something with the departments of psychology/sociology/anthropology at UC Berkeley, though I have no idea what options there might be. She's also wonderful with young children, and since she speaks both English and Spanish we thought perhaps something working with kids. Can anyone advise? 

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She can apply to be a counselor in training at UC Berkeley 'Blue Camp' summer camp for kids 6-12 or so. Application starts soon and they will do interview by Skype. They accept several foreign counselors. Its good experience for the kids too.

Is your niece a US citizen? If not she actually needs an appropriate visa.

Interning at UC as a minor requires some hoops to jump through including that her supervisor needs to be a mandated reporter.

I'm not sure what the visa requirements are for unpaid internships, but if she is here as a tourist she will not legally be eligible for paid work.

Thanks for the input! To clarify, my niece is indeed a U.S. citizen, so we hope there won't be any visa-type hurdles.

I have an 18 year old and I know it is hard for teens to find short-term jobs, and finding internships has proven impossible. There might be a short term opportunity to work at a camp, but I found that most wanted a longer commitment. You don't say what city you are in, so I would suggest googling your city + camps, and + volunteer opportunities to see what may be available, or check temp jobs/internships on Craigslist. Good luck!