Summer Drop in/Hourly Camps?

I am interested in care for my 7 and 10 year old daughters for this summer.  Because their father and I work "non-traditional" hours, we mostly only need care some Wednesdays and for a few hours on Thursdays. 

Are there drop-in camps or camps with flexible schedules that have half day options?

Thank you!

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Steve and Kate's. It's fun, well run, and has a good deal where you can buy a certain number of days and I think they give refunds for the ones you don't use. The more you buy, the cheaper they are. But if that's still too expensive, I would recommend city rec camps -- do a little homework - some are a little better run than others.

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Dimond Rec Center through Oakland Parks & Rec often has a pay-per-day policy or less expensive for the whole week.  But I'm not sure if they do it for their summer daycamps.  

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Bridges Rock Gym in EC offers drop-in option, although it's more expensive. I'd recommend trying it together at their afterschool class if you haven't been before; apparently rock climbing is a love it or hate it activity for kids! (both my 6 yo daughter and 8 yo son love it).