What are you doing about summer camp this summer?

What are parents doing with summer camps this summer? I am very lucky not to have booked any summer camps prior to the shelter in place in March and feel for all the families that are now dealing with cancelled camps and no refunds (i.e. Galileo camp comes to mind) but I'm undecided what to do going forward.  Are some camps still happening this summer and it is worth booking them (and taking the risk that they won't happen and I'll have no refunds) or do I not book (and take the risk that SIP is lifted and I have to go back to work with no camp/childcare coverage for kids)?  Looking for some advice on what other parents chose to do regarding summer camps at this point of uncertainty. 

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While none of us have a crystal ball, it feels like a pretty safe assumption that large gatherings (like camps) will continue to be prohibited through the summer. Small gatherings (meaning small day care situations) *might* be allowed for all families. Day care is already allowed now for essential workers, and spots are opening up for school-age children (again, you are supposed to be an essential worker).

The summer camp we had booked (ATDP) notified us last week that it was going online, so we are not going to take the spots or pay a deposit, but also not being refunded the application fee despite the camp changing its nature.