Summer Camp in Spanish Speaking Country?

We are a bilingual (Spanish/English) family and my daughter is in kindergarten at Sylvia Mendez. I'm hoping to go somewhere Spanish speaking next summer for 3 or 4 weeks and enroll my daughter in a local summer camp. I'm quite flexible about where we go, but the few things I've easily found online (Google searching) seem oriented primarily to foreigners and my hope is to have my daughter experience more immersion in local community/culture. Wondering if anyone else has done something similar in the past few years, or can point me to resources to explore some possibilities. Thanks in advance!

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I have similar interests and have previously looked into versions of this for various languages at various stages. Anyway, haven't been myself or my kids to this, but you might want to check out the Y of Puerto Rico! Here's the form for 2023, very familiar looking for those of us who have done Y programming here! LOL.

If you are considering Spain, another person on this forum shared a spreadsheet they compiled of options. They found a lot of info on We went to Spain this June and found that no camps were available, and in some places things like amusement parks weren't open during the week yet. So keep that in mind when planning.

Hi! We've done it twice - once in Sayulita, Mexico and once this past summer in San Sebastian, Spain.  I know that Costa Rica also has many options.  Happy to provide more info you ping me. 


We went to Puerto Vallarta this past summer. It was great! I wrote up some info about it on a website I created for bilingual resource sharing. If you have more questions, feel free to reach out!