Summer camp in Spain (8-11 year-olds)?

Our family of 4 is looking to spend a month in Spain over the summer. Both parents will be working 4-5 days a week and so we're looking for ~3 weeks of camp with our two kids (entering 3rd and 6th grade). We parents don't speak Spanish, but our children do (Spanish immersion school). So, for the camp, we're seeking a program with a team that can communicate with our language-skill-lacking selves but still give our kids a meaningful immersion experience. We're happy for it to be a basic summer camp with sports, art, outdoors, activities and such (not looking for something academic), with Spanish-speaking camp staff and ideally most other kids speaking Spanish. We've seen some options online, such as Enforex, but it's hard to find reviews or someone who's had direct experience. 

I'd really appreciate any advice or hearing the experience of another family who may have done this with their kids and had a good (or bad) experience! Thank you!  

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Your situation sounds similar to mine last summer. I did lots of research online too because I (the non-Spanish speaker of the house) was the only one with time to browse around. I still have that spreadsheet and am happy to share it with you. I also came across Enforex and another site called The things I can share during my research phase - many municipalities run their own camps (called campamentos) and are low-cost, though you'd have to be able to navigate the city website (try search words having to do with youth and education) to see what eligibility is, as some require you to be a resident. Also, much of the summer camp information comes out right around/after Easter. This is especially the case with American and international schools that run their own summer camps (not sure if it would be in Spanish though).

Now, what ENDED up happening, true to the spontaneity of my Latin half, is that we did not sign up for anything I had on my spreadsheet. Instead, we arrived in Madrid in June, where my husband asked his brother for the local newspaper, and he just ended up finding an advertised camp and calling the number, arranging to bring in our kid the next day. I don't know if you have any relatives or friends who can help you out that way, but this is ultimately what happened in our case. Good luck!