Summer Camp for 5 year old close to Richmond

Hi Parents,

I am looking for a summer camp for my 5-year old son. This will be his first time doing a summer camp and being outside of his preschool. I need something that's not too far from Richmond and most importantly a place where he'll be safe and have fun. A lot of room to roam around and take out his energy is the key. Also, something that won't cost an arm and a leg would be great!

Please help! I am lost :)

Thank you!

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The El Cerrito summer camps are highly regarded and reasonably priced. Registration opens March 29th and if you want to register I recommend you clear your schedule because the camps are popular and usually fill up quickly. I don't know if COVID will make it easier or harder to sign up.

My daughter loved the City of El Cerrito camps when she was younger, She also liked the camps at the Albany Y but I don't see a web page for that so not sure if it is happening this year.

We love Trackers Bay Area.  They're located in El Cerrito (at Camp Herms) this summer and my kids have been going there for the last 4 years.  They're outdoors and masked and are great with active boys!