A suitable program to improve cognition for children with 60-70 IQ range

My 15 yr old son was diagnosed with Mild Intellectual disability. His overall IQ is 69. His weakest area is comprehension. I was looking at the Linda Mood Bell Program especially their V & V comprehension segment & want to know how helpful it is with children of low IQ . Are there any other programs that will improve cognition that I should look into?

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My daughter was diagnosed with this same disability and an inability concentrate at age 14.  We researched this for several years tried everything we could only to find nothing helped her including medications.  Somehow with her disability she was able to graduate a year early, attended a community college for a year and was accepted to one of the better state universities in spite of her disability. 

Looking back, we now realize yes she probably has and will always have a disability but that doesn’t mean she can’t succeed.

Two NPR show on Memory and Forgetting which might be helpful.

We love our daughter just the way she is.  Do we wish we could help her? You bet.  But everything so far has been a waste of time and money and hasn’t helped.  We are doing what we can to help here succeed in life just the way she is.

Best of luck to you with your son.

You may want to call Scottish Rites in Oakland.  For free, the offer various programs for those with speech, reading and language challenges.  They utilize various current methods.  Its free but if you can donate something it is helpful as they are no profit.  If not thats ok too.   The link to their website is:  http://www.oaklandspeech.org/

They offer a generous limted number of hours per child or 2yrs therapy, whichever comes first.