Suggestions needed for best local high schools for Japanese exchange student

Hello, I'm seeking advice for a Japanese colleague whose 16 year old son will come to the East Bay area for his junior and possibly senior year of high school while his dad works on a long-term assignment in Emeryville.  The son has been educated primarily in Japan, with some limited education while living in the US when he was very young.  Dad speaks English fairly fluently and can rent a home in Albany, Berkeley or Emeryville as he considers best place for son to attend school.  Would appreciate any suggestions or experiences on best high schools in the area that would be welcoming to a Japanese exchange student; private or pubic considered.  Thank you for any suggestions.


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Absolutely El Cerrito High School. El Cerrito has a wonderful Japanese language program, lots of of kids speak and are learning Japanese. I'm sure he would find fast friends. El Cerrito also has good music, dance, and sports if he is interested in those, and a small, closed campus, which limits the confusion of a big school like Berkeley High. Here's a video of the club:

El Cerrito HS has a great Japanese language program so there would be kids around who speak Japanese.It would mean moving Into the ECHS school zone, and you'd have to check if there is space for new students.  It's the most popular school in the district.

Las Lomas HS in Walnut Creek (part of the Acalanes Union HSD) offers Japanese. 

If private is an option, consider Head Royce in Oakland. Very welcoming, supportive community. My daughter arrived in 11th grade, too. It helps to have a sport, music, robotics, - interest to join in immediately.