Sugar-free birthday cake for first birthday

My daughter is having her first birthday coming up and I've had a hard time finding anyone in the north bay area (berkeley/oakland) that makes sugar-free "smash" cakes. Anyone have any suggestions??? Or am I going to have to attempt to make one - eeek... not the best baker!... But, if anyone has a good suggestion for recipes, maybe I'll have to go that direction... 



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Not sure where you could get one made, but I've made banana bread without added sugar, and it's pretty great. You can use a recipe like this one, just don't add the sugar. If you want it a little sweeter, add an extra banana or some applesauce. If you want frosting, you could just whip some cream, or cream cheese/whipped cream mixture (block of cream cheese, pint of heavy cream whipped together). Good luck! 

We just celebrated my son's first birthday with sugar free muffins from Nabolom. I'm not sure whether they would be able to do a cake, but we served them with whipped cream and he was thrilled.

My wife made a "Simple Mills" brand cake... use their cake mix, she did banana and chocolate. Their brand is paleo, so it's grain free and only uses coconut sugar (low glycemic) She made muffins to be like cupcakes, but you could make as a sheet cake. Tastes great and packed with protein instead of sugar because of all the nut flours. Can buy at Whole Foods. Happy bday :)

This place in Oakland seems to get good reviews, Mother McDowell’s Sugar Free Bakery. Otherwise, as a mom, I know that the actual 1-year-old doesn't care about the cake. You can give her fruit and a sugar-free cookie from Safeway, and everyone else can eat regular cake.

Congratulations on your baby's first year! I would recommend just making your own simple cake substituting applesauce or buying a cupcake or muffin with fruit for your baby. She or he will enjoy whatever you do. Get a delicious cake that the adults will enjoy and celebrate!

I don’t know about real “cakey cakes” with no sugar but could do banana bread and omit the sugar? It will still be sweet most likely. Can make it in cupcake form by using a cupcake pan?

We did a sugar cake for the first birthday but did a carrot cake - which is by no means healthy but made me feel a little better.

Do you mean no sugar at all or no added sugar? Is honey okay? 

Do you just want a little cupcake for her to make a mess with? Maybe a banana oat-bran muffin from Naboloms would do. I believe the only sweetener is banana. 

For icing, you could use cream cheese. Or cream cheese sweetened with honey or dates or applesauce or whatever. 

Fortunately you don't have to be a great baker to make a smash cake. Get a regular cake for the grown ups and make a baby cake for the kids. This one is tasty. I like it but I'm a crunchy hippie who likes sugar-free stuff!

make it easier and just use whole wheat flour - works fine and baby won't notice the difference! My 3 year old loves this still and I feel good letting her have a nice big piece!