Student trainees as full instructors in math at BHS

Hi all, I realize there is a lot of issues with the math program at BHS.  I am wondering if anyone has had experience with one particular issue of having a student instructor training for his/her math credentials being given a class to teach at BHS in place of the regular BHS teacher? My daughter's Math 2 class was informed first day of school this fall that they would be taught exclusively by a student getting his credentials per agreement with BHS and the student's accreditation program. The Math 2 students did not seem very happy with the instruction.  I am wondering if anyone in the community here could say if they have experienced the same situation, how common this is for a student-teacher to replace a regular faculty BHS math teacher, if this happens in other subjects, if they approached anyone to discuss this, etc.  Any info much appreciated.  I'd be happy to connect directly.  BHS parent

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My daughter had a student teacher as her main instructor for the second semester of her freshman year at BHS last year..... it may have even been for longer than just the second semester. The student teacher was there from the beginning of the year, along with the experienced BHS math teacher.

I'm sure every student teacher is different, just as every BHS math teacher is different, but both the student teacher and the BHS math teacher my daughter had last year were amazing. She actually liked the student teacher even more and her enthusiasm and interest in math soared when he took over. Last year was a fantastic math year for her.

This year she has a regular BHS math teacher who has been there for just a few years. She's extremely under-impressed. She's good at math, and for her the class is super easy. But she says the instruction is not good, so may not be working so well for all. Her enthusiasm for math has definitely waned this year.

When he was about a quarter into freshman year, my son had a student teacher take over his period of digital photography. The teacher stayed in the room [mostly doing catch-up work], and it worked out great. because the student teacher had a very fresh and engaging style and was very knowledgeable about the curriculum. It doesn't really sound like this is your daughter's classroom experience, so now might be a good time to write a note to the vice-principal. Btw, I only ever got replies via email when I copied a bunch of folks: the principal, the academic counselor, and in your case, the actual teacher. Good luck.