Stroke Recovery Resources - OT, PT, Speech, Neurologist

Does anyone have recommendations for resources for stroke recovery near Berkeley? We would love the name of a great Neurologist who specializes in stroke. And occupational, physical and speech therapists that also specialize in stroke recovery. Anyone been down this path and have some local names to share?

Also would be interested in hearing about any experiences in intensive therapy residential programs. I have heard sometimes you don’t get enough individualized attention. 

We are hoping for a full recovery with some quick and intensive work! You can send me a direct message if preferred. 

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Highly recommend Centre for Neuro Skills in Emeryville. They have an amazing intensive program with a multidisciplinary team that meets regularly. Lots of individualized attention. 

not sure if you are dealing with Aphasia (uh-fay-zhuh) A loss or reduction of language (i.e., speaking, understanding, reading, and/or writing following brain damage, typically as a result of a stroke).  but if you are... run don't walk to the Aphasia Center of California.  amazingly it is located right here in oakland.

my mom had two strokes and she attended speech therapy, singing group, and exercise class with these people.  the camaraderie alone was worth the price of admission.  as a caregiver i was great i found them (by google by the way... exactly ZERO of her kaiser doctors or speech therapists even knew it existed).  i saw multiple instances of folks making great strides over the time my mom attended. this can be an isolating and frustrating condition for patient and family alike.  nothing but positivity, humor and care with these amazing professionals.  i think it may be on a sliding scale for folks who need that too. not possible to say enough good things about them.  best of luck on your recovery.  brain injuries take time... good for you for going after it. 

Hello, I'm an OT working in the home health area, we usually refer patients to Herrick's outpatient stroke rehab program and have heard positive feedback. I also love programs like Rehab Without Walls focused on community-based and functional treatment. 

All of this work you are putting into the recovery will help so much!! Early and intensive rehab and also remember to pace yourself and allow the brain time to heal and restructure. I'm a strong believer in positivity and mental imagery as well. I hope you find a wonderful team to support you in this journey.