Strangers filming kids & nannies at the park

Has anyone else witnessed or heard of an older male (~60s) or younger woman (~late 30s/early 40s) filming and taking pictures of the nannies and children at Little Frog Park in Oakland? The older male was white and was wearing a green shirt, light jacket, and gray shorts. He was also wearing a gray hat with writing on it. The younger woman was also white with dark blond hair with a toddler and baby with her. As one of the parents, I am absolutely not okay with strangers filming/taking pictures of my children. I am concerned with what they are doing with the content. 

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It's not clear from your post if you saw this yourself or just heard about it. If you did see it, I think you should have notified the OPD. If you heard about it from someone else, maybe it had something to do with an article in the Berkeley Scanner last week about a guy who was arrested for taking photographs of children and "up-skirt" photos of women at Berkeley Natural Foods. Here's the link:

Not aware of this particular situation or these individuals, but I have heard from our nanny about something similar happening at other parks in Berkeley (I think Cedar Rose, maybe James Kenney). Not sure if there is something more creepy going on, but I have also seen folks post pictures like this on Nextdoor, when they’ve witnessed what they think is some sort of bad behavior or negligence on the part of nannies that they think the parents should know about. So that would be the less nefarious interpretation, though it may not make you feel much better. 

If it's on public property, a person has a right to film and take pictures.  It may be innocuous, maybe not, but they have the right.  Take your child to a different park if you feel uncomfortable.