Steroid injections for back pain

I have had neck and back pain for close to 15 years due to bulging discs and now have begun to have mid-back pain. A number of years ago, I had steroid injections into my facet joints in my low back. It relieved the pain for all of 5 days and then it came back. At that time, the doctor indicated I could have the injections in just one location so I had to chose between the facet joint and the bulging discs.  Wondering if anyone had a back doctor/surgeon they would recommend who would do multiple injections in one procedure?  It would be lovely to have out of pain for a couple years. Ideally I would like to be put under as well as I found the steroid injections painful.


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A couple years ago after 12 months of totally debilitating back/sciatic pain (I could truly barely walk) I was scheduled to meet with a surgeon to remedy the massive L-5 herniation revealed by an mri.

I happened to see this video a week before seeing the surgeon. Ended up canceling the appointment. I was pain free in a couple months. Now my back bothers me occasionally but nothing big and I have full mobility—I can touch my toes, do a bridge, yoga, lift heavy things, sit for long periods, etc. I’m almost fifty. 

I totally get how crippling back pain can be, and I also get that this isn’t the solution for everyone. But it seems to have helped a ton of people who thought they were beyond help, me included. 

The video is only about twelve minutes long, that’s not much to lose for something that might save you a lot of money and pain down the road. 
and whatever path you end up choosing—I really wish you relief. Chronic pain is awful. (2020 segment on Dr. John Sarno)

Would a vertebroplasty and kyphoplasty procedure help you? My husband used to work in that field and it has helped many people alleviate their back pain.