Starting IEP process with AUSD

Does anyone have any advice on starting the IEP/504/special ed process with the Albany Unified School District? On recommendation of my child's previous school, we had him privately assessed this summer. He was given several diagnoses and the psychologist recommended we start the IEP process with AUSD. My child is a rising first grader and will be new to the district. We have not been assigned a school yet. I am curious to know if one of the schools is better with support services than others? I also just would love a run down of what the process looks like and what to expect. So far I have called and emailed the district, but I haven't heard back yet. I would love a little guidance from a parent who has been down this road. Thank you

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I highly recommend contacting DREDF or reviewing materials on their website as a starting point ( Obtaining special education resources can be a battle. I utilized some of the sample letters from the DREDF website, and they were very helpful.  I believe that AUSD is more responsive than some other districts in the area, but I had to be very persistent and at times go into, for lack of a better term, "bitch mode" to get appropriate accommodations. The current special ed director for the district is very good. We did ultimately get what was needed. 

If you find yourself in need of a special ed attorney, I cannot say enough good things about Deborah Jacobson. I retained her for just a couple of hours to advice me through the process and it was money very well spent. She is both an expert and extremely pleasant. 

It sounds like you've taken the right initial steps in getting an assessment. Best of luck with everything else! 


Just calibrating expectations - it's a very small district with limited resources. I am not saying they aren't prepared to meet the law and don't care about children, but there is not like a special ed division or a lot of specialists on staff. (My experience is based on having a child with a 504 in upper grades at AUSD; we didn't go to elementary there. )


You might want to check out for Disability Rights Education and resources.  Best of luck!


You can email me. My soon to be K student has been through the assessment and has an IeP with the district. I second some of the things said below already.