St. Mary's High School for student with learning differences?

Hi BPN community!  Looking for any feedback (positive and negative) from any parent who has sent their student with learning differences to St. Mary's.  My daughter struggles with production.  We have always planned on St Mary's for High School but I'd love some first-hand feedback if she will be able to keep up there and how they do with IEPs and accommodations.

Learning profile: ADHD (inattentive), dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia.  Super smart but production is a challenge.  She uses voice to text for most things.  Scaled assignments and homework.  Quite a bit of hand-holding is needed.

Thanks in advance for your shared experience!

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We have a student at St. Mary's with a somewhat similar profile, though no problem producing. I asked what they thought. To quote, "St. Mary's has a fantastic support system in place for students who learn differently. That said, it IS a college prep high school, and she has to be ready to put in a LOT of work every day." We've had an excellent experience there, but not every school is the right fit for every student. I would highly encourage you to have a conversation with their fantastic academic counseling department. They will best be able to assess whether or not SMCHS is a good fit for your daughter, which is ultimately the most important factor in her high school success.