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My daughter is applying to CPS and just got her SSAT scores. She has 87%ile in Verbal, 79%ile in Quantitative and 76%ile in Reading and 84%ile overall. How would you rate her chances? Anyone with past experience who can comment? I know scores are not the sole criteria but looking to see if she is in the ball park or not. 

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When my child applied to CPS a couple of years ago we were told by middle school school counselor that 85th percentile on each sub-section was the threshold.  I have no idea of this is true or if it was just a way of cautioning parents about the selectivity of the school.  My kid was accepted with a percentile in the low 90s overall.  My kid does not discuss grades and scores with friends, but happens to have one friend who shares this stuff.  That friend scored quite a bit higher than my kid-- like high 90s.  For our family, the standardized testing was the worst (most anxiety-causing) part of the process.  And I should underscore that I have no idea really what scores are in fact necessary.  The process is a bit opaque and there are probably many factors in play.

It is a great school with wonderful teachers and kind kids.  

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Like the other reader mentioned, my child also doesn't have the habit of discussing grades/scores with other friends. (I think it's also discouraged by the administration...which is a good thing.) Anyway, my kid took the ISEE and scored high 90s on the all the categories. The school looks for students with diverse interests, so while doing well on these standardized tests is a definite plus, I don't think it will greatly hurt your chance of getting in. Good luck!

Great school. Great teachers. And incredible kids.

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Thank you for your response.