Sports Psychologist for teen boy

Looking for current recommendations for a male-identified sports psychologist for a 15 yo teen athlete who is manifesting performance anxiety. Entering the conversation through sports is going to get the most buy-in and engagement.  Thanks.

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I would recommend Dr. Jim Taylor, 415-322-8425, jim [at] He works with teens in all sports to help with anxiety, goals, performance visualization, etc.. He was a competitive athlete as a youth, and is a psychologist. I have seen him speak several times and have read many of his books. He's also an acquaintance through a sport that both of our kids compete in.

Drew Diefenbach of Paragon Tennis in Orinda offers sports psychology coaching.  I believe he is also the tennis coach at Acalanes, maybe women's--not sure, you should check.  We took tennis from him through Orinda Parks and Rec several years ago.  Paragon Tennis has a website, so you could start there if interested.