Special Ed/IEP advocate experienced with WCCUSD

We are in the process of seeking an IEP from the WCCUSD and would like to find a professional advocate with experience working with this school district. We are also on a tight budget and have found at least one that is prohibitively expensive. Any recommendations of a good advocate, preferably on the west side of the tunnel, would be appreciated. Thank you!

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Try Disability Rights Education and Rights Fund (dredf.org)

Betsy Brazy - https://brazylaw.com/ 

brazylaw [at] gmail.com

(510) 224-5146

She has help me and 4 other people I know in getting the right accommodations and placement for our kids

in the WCCUSD.  She knows her stuff and is great to work with.

If you have a neuropsych eval they will often attend iep meetings with you. The advocate Judy True was pretty good. She worked in a way that did not alienate anyone.

Another route is the cde, if you are having trouble you can reach out to them. (All those calls are recorded and reported to the school.)

Selpas are trained by the schools legal so you may spin your wheels.

Dredft in Berkeley may be of help.

What seems to work for some is talking to the principle, the expense of a due process is steep and can be avoided. S/he can make school specialist available to help after school.

Scotish rites language lab at lake merrit has services without the rigamerol.

Its crazy making.

I am a bit reluctant to share my educational consultant with you because she might get too busy! Just kidding... Theresa Lozac'h has been our educational consultant/advocate since my daughter started K and now she is in fourth grade. Theresa is simply great at assisting families and working with school to meet the needs of the child. I would guess her rates are reasonable compared with some of the astronomical sums being charged by almost all helping professionals these days. On yelp, Theresa is known by the company name Beyond Quality Consultants. Last I checked, every review is a 5. And yes, West CoCo County experience.

I am in the middle of the process of my child "graduating " from a 504 to an IEP in the WCCUSD, and so far I would characterize all the district professionals involved as helpful, caring, and engaged. You didn't say what point you're at, but I'd say based on my experience there's a possibility you don't need to pay an advocate. There are also parent advocates you can connect with through the district, plus all the amazing resources of dredf.org.

Adamsesq.Com is excellent legal advocate. They helped me with both of my kids. One they took on and other one they reviews and gave advice. I regretted not taking on special ed lawyer sooner; thought I could do it all. Talk directly related costs. Do they still end up billing district and u get refund?