Spanish tutor for teens

I'm looking for a Spanish tutor for my two kids, ages 14 and 16. We live in El Cerrito. Does anybody have a recommendation? Or a suggestion of where to find a good tutor? I'd prefer someone willing to meet the kids in-person. Thanks!

[Moderator note] Check BPN's Tutors & Teachers listing - there are more than 30 Spanish tutors listed.

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My son had a really good experience working with Kevin Jacobson, a wonderful Spanish tutor and experienced high school teacher. Kevin has an easy and authentic rapport with teenagers and actually had my son, a very reluctant Spanish student, looking forward to his time with Kevin. Kevin was both effective and fun. I found him a pleasure to work with as he is professional, personable and perceptive. He quickly identified exactly where my son needed support and not only would cover gaps in my son's understanding but also just got him to enjoy chatting in Spanish. As a result of Kevin's tutoring over two years, my son aced his third year of required high school Spanish on his own.

Kevin: kjacobson22673 [at]