Spanish for teen with busy summer schedule?

Hi! My rising 10th grader would love to learn more Spanish, but has a lot scheduled this summer. Does anyone know of an intensive program that they can do for a few days or a week here and there over the summer? They're already doing Duolingo, taking Spanish in school (they'll be going into Spanish 3), etc.

Thanks so much!

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A rising 10th grader going into Spanish 3 already seems pretty good at Spanish! I would think about having them get into a Spanish-language original tv show (like intertwined... D+ has a lot) and watch w/o subtitles, a couple episodes a week. it was great for my 6th grader's Spanish as a classroom supplement.

I love, love, LOVE, the Spanish language podcasts “Radio Ambulante” and “El Hilo.” They have a companion app called Lupa for Spanish Language Learners to use in conjunction with Radio Ambulante in order to improve their Spanish language skills. Check it out here and see what you think. The weekly episodes are riveting (mostly, depending on what you are interested in):