Spanish Summer Abroad -short program recommendations

My 10th grader is interested in pausing/ending her formal Spanish learning by immersing in a short summer program abroad. She’s thinking 2 weeks (still worthwhile or too short?)  Appreciate any recommendations, thoughts & more! Costa Rica Youth Exchange? Others? (Cost is not a giant factor, important that it is well run.)   Mucho Gracias!

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I heartily endorse the concept and myself did a 5 week program in Spain between my sophomore & junior years of high school. (Unfortunately the organization no longer exists.) I guess the question is, why bother if this is the end of her formal Spanish? It really pays off in the next year's studies. But anyway, it's a great thing to do; although 2 weeks might not be enough to move the needle.

My daughter did Amigos de las Americas which is a fantastic, very well-run program. They’ve changed post-pandemic but usually their projects are longer that 2 weeks. If you’re thinking this summer I don’t know if you can still sign up. If it’s just for language there are a million immersion language schools that do home stays. I don’t have any specific recommendations since it’s been >20 years since I did it. Your kid will get way more out of it with a longer stay, 2 weeks is really short.