son's roommate's cat has fleas!

I am badly allergic to cats and have no experience with treating them for fleas. What is best product for treatment? Son and roommate are evacuating from the fire. I want treat cat

and find someone who can cat sit for it but don't want to hand them a feline with fleas! thanks

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Hi! I would recommend "Revolution" . it is in liquid form you drop it on the back of the cat's neck. There was a big flea problem a couple years ago in Berkeley and several brands stopped working, such as Advantage and Frontline. Call your nearby Pet Express. They have clinics, called "VIP" where you can bring the pet and just get the flea medication and don't have to pay vet fees. Also the cat should be combed every day, with a flea comb, with a bowl of soapy water nearby and put any fleas in the water that come out on the comb. Cats can get worms from fleas, too, so the roommate should make sure there are no rice-looking little worms by the anus. This flea medicine should be used once a month ALWAYS if you own a dog or cat, so the cat owner needs to take care of the cat and make sure to keep up with necessary precautions.

Hi! As a long-time pet owner, fleas are the worst!!! I have tried everything. The best products are the ones that I use now on my own cats:  Advantage, or some other topical that competes with it. You squeeze it on the back of the cat’s neck, and it kills the fleas right away. But, my fave thing to use because it is not a poison, is called Program. The real problem with fleas is that they produce so many eggs that fall off everywhere & then hatch. Program is a small amount of liquid that you mix with some tuna fish and feed to your kitty once a month. It makes the fleas unable to produce viable eggs, so the fleas die & that’s it. Neither of these are 100% effective, but they are the best that I have found. Big downside is that they are pricey- order them online for the best prices. Good luck and so sorry to hear about the evacuation; this is a terrible time and I wish your family well.

We have dealt with this!!! Here is my reccomendation:

step 1- Capstar, this is a tablet that will kill all fleas on cat in 30m-1h. Just mix with wet food. Buy from a vet or Amazon.

step 2- flea bath, a few hours after cap star, this will kill larvae and eggs

step 3- advantage or revolution treatment. Do this a day or 2 after the capstar and bath to prevent any remaining eggs from creating a reinfestation.

Wash everything machine washable the cat has touched in hot water and watch your house for signs of fleas (google flea dirt). 

there is a pill called Comfortis that you can only get from a vet's office -- call around and explain the situation and someone will sell it to you. Not cheap but very effective.