Songs that have spoken words, tell stories (suitable for children)

My toddler is obsessed with Perry Como's "The Story of the First Christmas" (the 10 minute version) - we're in April and he's still requesting it almost everyday! I'm not sure what these types of songs are called, where it's singing interspersed with someone telling a story. I think this combination of song+storytelling is why he loves it so much. I am looking for suggestions of other songs like this, especially if they are ones that are not too energetic, since we listen during bedtimes. Any ideas would be appreciated.

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It's not exactly a song, but my kids love listening to David Bowie narrating Peter and the Wolf.

As a child, I loved: Abiyoyo & Other Story Songs for Children.  Pete Seeger's voice is so soothing and calm that it's probably suitable for bedtime. Abiyoyo is about a giant, so I would screen to see if it's okay for your toddler.  There's also one about whaling that I loved as a kid, but it does involve hunting whales, so, again, screen, depending on your child's temperament. There are also other fun child songs on this CD.  It's a classic and Pete Seeger is wonderful.  

These might not be quite what you are looking for, but my toddler to 1st grader enjoyed these, which you can get from Amazon as an mp3 (and use a free app or download to your iTunes); many are good naptime/bedtime wind downs....

JJ's classic children's stories with songs (Aesop's Fables):

The Disney movie soundtrack to Winnie the Pooh:

Pete Seeger's recording of Abiyoyo and Other Story Songs for Children is great.  Available on Amazon (and on Youtube).  Abiyoyo is also a picture book, so you/child can turn the pages and look at the pictures as you listen.  We were raised on this in the 60s, and my kids loved this in the 1990s; we have a priceless video of our oldest (now 27 years old) telling the Abiyoyo story in full-throated Pete Seeger mode.  Also Follow the Drinking Gourd, told by Morgan Freeman with Music by Taj Mahal.  Wonderful story and song about the underground railroad.  Peter and the Wolf, another classic: good story and great introduction to musical instruments.  More old fashioned:  Burl Ives, Little White Duck and Other Children's Songs.  More song than story, but fine.  Enjoy this phase.  You will remember these story songs forever.  We sure do!

Try "Abiyoyo" by Pete's the story you can sing! Not sure if there are more like this but Pete Seegar was a great storyteller!

Peter and the Wolf is a classic:

Maybe you would like: Free to Be You and Me

Pete Seeger has some great ones, notably "Abiyoyo" and "The Foolish Frog." (The latter might be too energetic for bedtime).
Danny Kaye has some story/song mashups in the soundtrack to the Hans Christian Andersen movie such as the "The King's New Clothes."