Son having a hard time in Pre-K

Looking for some sound advice. Our son (3) is in his first year of pre-k immersion private schooI. His is having separation anxiety. Each day he states he does not want to go back to school. Once he is there and surrounded by stimulation we assume he is enjoying school. Recently he has been saying he is bored at school. We are waiting another week to reach out to the school. We realize that kids in new environments go through this as our son has a group of friends he grew up with that he no longer sees each day and is an only child. We are wondering if we made a mistake separating him from his last situation. Although it has only been two weeks since school started it seems that the kids with separation anxiety are not getting the one on one once the parent leaves the room. Yesterday I dropped my son off. He is getting better in his classroom environment but still does not want me to leave. I noticed that other kids that were upset some crying were walking around the classroom with very little acknowledgment from the teachers. There are three teachers in the classroom and it seems to be too overwhelming for them. Yesterday when I left the classroom I looked back in the window and watched his teacher place my son by himself in the a window where he could see me leaving. He was crying. He was then given construction paper to play with with not much additional attention. Can we get some advice as all is welcomed.

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