Something unique to do for adult's bday

Hi!  My husband's birthday is coming up...and I'm out of ideas for something special to do that evening (just the two of us).  We've driven to the top of Mt. Tam to watch the sunset with wine and pizza, have gone sailing, etc.  Any suggestions for doing something unique (besides dinner?).  Thanks so much!

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Rent an electric duffy boat and sail the estuary in Alameda at sunset - so fun! You can bring along a picnic and some champagne! We did this for an anniversary and had a blast! Enjoy!

What a fun question! You could go for a bike picnic up at Inspiration Point! Or head down to Monterey and rent kayaks and paddle around with seals and otters at Elk Horn Slough—it’s magical, relatively close by, and accessible. I went with my family for my bday a few years ago and loved it. Or take in a planetarium show at Chabot or the Cal Academy. Hike up to the big C and swing on the swing! There are so many fun things within reach to us here. Happy birthday to your loved one!

Bioluminescence kayaking on Tomales Bay. We did this for my husband’s birthday. It was pretty amazing. The bioluminescence was magical. And no, you do not need to have kayaking experience

How about a gondola on Lake Merritt?

Not sure if you two have done this previously or have an interest, but ziplining is different and fun if you have the ability. There is Sonoma Canopy Tours up north and Mt. Hermon Adventures in the Santa Cruz area; they have two hour tours you can schedule (mostly on weekends). 

What about hot air ballooning. There are well-regarded companies in Sonoma and Napa. It is so still and beautiful up there, and offers an unforgettable way to see the Bay Area?

Also fun are Thursday nights at the Exploratorium, which is adults-only from 6p-10p. Or consider the Tactile Dome at the Exploratorium   if the Exploratorium is not his speed. Without ambient light you experience your surroundings with your non-visual senses while exploring textures and shapes. As a sighted person it was revelatory.

For my bday this year we went zip lining in the Santa Cruz Mountains at Mt Hermon Adventures -- you can also do a ropes course.  We took our teens but would be fun to do just as a couple. It was fun and really beautiful!